Hypnotist Jim Ramey on Ultra Depth – Beyond Traditional Hypnosis


FB-Jim-Ramey-72Listen HERE. Certified Hypnotist, Jim Ramey is our guest and shares with us his hypnosis technique called, “Ultra Depth® Process.” This technique was discovered by Ramey’s teacher, Walter Sichort, in the mid ‘60s. Sichort had many students, but Jim was one of his closest and took the Ultra Depth technique to the next level. Ramey discovered three more levels of deep hypnosis that he calls, the “Esdaile, Sichort, and Zed States.” Specifically, it is the Sichort State that is the same level of consciousness that the great seer, Edger Cayce tapped into when he performed his readings.

Jim Ramey talks about the history of hypnosis, stage hypnosis, and his Ultra Depth Process®. Hypnosis has a long and colorful history dating all the way back to the mid-1700s with the German hypnotist, Franz Mesmer. In 1784 Mesmer’s work even got the attention of France’s King Louis XVI, Antone Lavoiser, Benjamin Franklin, and “pain control expert” Joseph-Ignase Guillotine. After a series of placebo-controlled experiments, it was concluded that mesmerism was likely the result of belief and imagination.

Ben Franklin wrote, "This fellow Mesmer is not flowing anything from his hands that I can see. Therefore, this mesmerism must be a fraud."

Obviously, hypnotism was off to a rough start and has come a very long way.

Jim Ramey has been in the field of hypnosis since the early ‘70s and offers online courses and mini-courses, live training courses and workshops. For course and workshop info, visit UltraDepth.com .