Is Paranormal Really the Norm? with writer Joshua Shapiro


Joshua ShapiroWhy Paranormal Skills are Becoming a Normal Part of Human Potential.

Our metaphysical researcher friend, Joshua Shapiro (of Crystal Skull Explorers fame) is back with us this program.

Like many of us, Joshua has more than one area of special interest. Along with Joshua’s crystal skull and UFO research, he is a believer in the paranormal skills that have been in existence since the beginning of human experience.

This program, we discuss Joshua Shapiro’s belief that these times are leading to a critical mass of people who believe in and are open to developing their own paranormal skills as part of the new definition of what it means to be human today. Join us for another amazing discussion with Joshua Shapiro.

Here is an excerpt from Joshua’s article, The Paranormal – Is It Being Normal? You Decide :

I say, the paranormal is the normal, because of who we truly are, divine children of Creator, souls who for the moment are enjoying or dreading our experience in this physical reality on the planet we have called Earth. When you have a paranormal experience, there is  part of your soul, which exists at a much higher vibrational frequency and it seeps into your physical reality.

About Joshua Shapiro:

joshuaJoshua Shapiro speaks all over the world on his very popular book, Journey of the Crystal Skull Explorers. Besides his in depth research and presentations on the power of crystal skulls, Joshua offers other researched writings as well as a number of  public talks throughout the world that discuss current information about UFOs, the Bible Code, the Hollow Earth and the Paranormal.

He is a spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal teacher, offers online classes and workshops and is also available as a radio show guest.

Here is the Link to Joshua’s complete article: The Paranormal – Is It Being Normal? You Decide.

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Don’t be surprised if you get a warm, loving feeling in your chest and behind your eyes. It’s perfectly natural.