Jay Dyer – 2015 Secret Space Program Debriefing – The Media & What’s Next?


Researcher Jay Dyer shares his insights from the 2015 Secret Space Program Conference in Austin, Texas.

Jay Dyer was back for his second visit to give us a debriefing of the 2015 Secret Space program Conference in Austin, Texas. This was a gathering of independent researchers sharing their findings that all point into the direction of a secret space program that's been going on, maybe since the 1850s! Many perspectives from finance to history, technology, social engineering, and more were presented.

One of Jay's many areas of research is movies with secret space programs and breakaway civilization plot lines, and the James Bond book. and movie franchise. Many Bond stories have had plot lines involving ultra-mega rich, dark, nefarious characters with their own PRIVATE space programs.

While this might seem like a big stretch, remember the old saying, “Follow the money trail.”

Katherine Austin Fitts, another of the presenters, explained the gigantic, invisible, off the books, money system that may well be paying for this Secret Space Program and THAT'S where the really cool hardware and software is being employed, and NOT the fireworks show NASA has been showing us for the past 50 years.

We also touched on how "out in the open" private space programs, including Elon Musk's SpaceX and Sir Richard Branson's, Virgin Galactic are likely to be fronts, or distractions for our consumption, so that "we the sheeple" don't think or ask about the "real" advanced hardware and software. Both SpaceX and Virgin Galactic programs are using concepts that are over 60 years old, but dressed up with new materials and computers. They are definitely real programs that are potentially very dangerous (as we say a years ago), but are using very old concepts.

This could be THE biggest story of our time and since it is probably out of the hands of the government, (ANY government for that matter) from “the government's perspective,” there's nothing to “disclose.” – Scott


You can follow Jay Dyer's work at his website… http://www.JaysAnalysis.com