Kimberly Palm on Meditation & Quantum Physics

Kimberly Palm FBListen HR 1 HERE.  HR 2. Our guest this program is Holisitic Practitioner & Stress Free Living Coach, Kimberly Palm, Founder and CEO of Body and Mind Healing.

This program we have a conversation with Kimberly on the life changing philosophies behind meditation and quantum physics, how she uses these approaches in her own everyday life and with her clients. Kimberly shares that after a stressful albeit successful corporate career, she turned to meditation and the study of quantum physics to transform her life and create balance.

Meditation and the deep understanding of quantum physics made such a huge difference in her life that she decided to teach her clients her techniques and transform their lives in the same manner.

Kimberly helps us to look at Quantum Physics and how it reveals that everything is made of energy, including human beings. We discuss how you can start to see how this energy is inerconnected and how this understanding can affect your life view. We also consider how the practice of meditation can change your brain and can even make you a happier person. This is a life changing conversation.

She fully embraces the idea that a healthy, balanced, spiritual life can be achieved through healthy diet and lifestyle, stress management, meditation and deeper understandings that quantum physics offers.

“The University of Holistic Theology” has certified her to teach meditation. Kimberly has her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University at Fullerton in Marketing and an Associated Arts degree in Business Administration and had 25 years in corporate before becoming a successful stress management and meditation coach.

For more information about all of Kimberly Palm's Holisitc Services and Coaching, visit her website,, Here.




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