Liz Severino on Sniff Sense, Dogs Sniff Out Disease

Elizabeth SeverinoFarOutRadio Program.  Listen HERE. Our friend Dr. Elizabeth Severino, Animal Communicator and Holistic Practitioner makes a return visit this program. We talk about the remarkable human to animal connection with this program's story.

Dogs aid man in many ways. They are seeing eye dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, companion animals. They sing, they dance, jump through hoops, entertain us on YouTube. Is dog still proving he is man's best friend with even more skills?

This from a recent article on Organic Authority,

" There’s no denying dogs have a killer sense of smell. It’s actually 100,000 times more sensitive than ours. Dogs are capable of smelling everything from drugs to electricity to underground gas pipes and ovulating animals. But, the most amazing things dogs can sniff out are cancer, epilepsy and diabetes. By just smelling a patient’s urine, they can sniff out bladder cancer and they can diagnose early and late lung and breast cancer by smelling your breath. Dogs have also helped discover ovarian cancer and skin cancer since affected cells give off a different smell than healthy ones. How amazing is that?

What’s more amazing is that dogs are accurate 97 percent of the time compared to million dollar machines that only have a 90 percent accuracy rate. How do they do it? "

Elizabeth Severino has been communicating with animals to comfort  and heal our furry friends and to comfort and heal their owners for over a quarter of a century. Today we talk about this newly discovered skill that dogs are sharing with their amazing ancient sniffing abilities. They are not hunting down prey in the wild. They are hunting down something that is not right with their human friends and it is saving lives!

Join us for an insightful and informative discussion.

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