Loreen Playford, Your Dog’s Favorite Natural Food Chef

Loreen PlayfordFar Out Radio Program. We present to you another pets and wellness program for our pet loving listeners. Listen HERE. Join our pet chef for dogs only, Loreen Playford. She is the owner of K-9 Pet Chef: All Natural Recipes. We have emphasized here on FarOutRadio the importance of a natural food diet for people and pets and today we get into the specifics of what our dog friends need to eat to stay healthy and to thrive.

Loreen shares, "I have worked with many Veterinarians on the best nutrition for dogs, best probiotics/enzymes and much much more. And now I offer these natural, health oriented, fresh ingredient dog food recipes to my clients." So join us as we discuss what is really in those packaged pet foods and how to get the best natural food for your dog friend no matter what is ailing him!

About Loreen Playford: Loreen Playford has worked with experts to develop the best, most natural, most nutritional dog meal recipes for over 30 years. Her mission is to empower her clients to take back control of their dogs' heath and to awaken the healing power by gaining knowledge about their dogs' specific nutritional needs. “I founded K9 Pet Chef out of my passion for dogs and my concern that their nutritional needs are not being met by today’s pet food manufacturers,” says Chef Loreen.

You may find out about the services and recipes offered by Chef Loreen at k9petcheftlc.com.

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