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Tantra For The West, A Conversation With Author Marc Allen. Marc Allen joined us for this program to talk about his 10th book, "Tantra For The West." Usually people think of "sex" when they hear the word Tantra. But this isn't a sex show. In the beginning of our conversation Marc explained how as a self-described, "lazy and undisciplined person" he was able to fulfill his dreams in an easy and relaxed way, through Tantra.

Tantra is a way of living that brings full awareness to every aspect of your life in an introspective, easy and relaxed way. You could say that it is non-stop mindfulness. Tantra can be used to dismantle fears, worries, anxieties and enhance creativity, relationships, money, health, and yes, even SEX. 

The book "Tantra For The West" is available at in print and Kindle format.

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Scott Teeters

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