Maria D’Andrea on Mythical, Magickal Beasts And Beings

FB-DAndrea-Creatures-72Listen HERE. Our guest is professional psychic and author, Maria D’Andrea. She has a wide range of interests and tonight she’ll be with us to talk about her new book, “Mythical, Magical Beasts and Beings.” The new book’s topics include, Mermaids Of The Deep, Dragons, Elves And Manos Of The Ancients, Crystal Beings, Undines and Astral Beings." For Centuries hese kinds of creatures and beings haves been the stuff of myth and legend. With new scientific proof, are some real?

Today,  with breakthroughs in genetic engineering, along with archeological findings, one must consider the very real possibility that some of those mythical creatures may well have actually existed.

The “realm of the psychic” is a life long passion for Maria. She has had psychic abilities since she can remember. Along her path of discovery Maria has learned European Shamanism, Meditation Techniques, Palmistry, Past Life Research, Personal Health and Wellness Techniques, Tarot Card Reading, Psychometry, Rune Casting, and MANY other fascinating aspects of the world of psychic skills and tools.

Maria offers Psychic Readings, classes at her D’Andrea Institute, Spiritrainbow Healing, Business and Spiritual Life Coaching, and Public Speaking. She has authored 10 books and has seven e-books. Maria has been on dozens of TV and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM (and now Far Out Radio), as well as Alexandrea’s Psychic Eye. And Maria has her own weekly TV series, “The Spiritual World With Maria” that airs on Channel 20 in Eastern Long Island, New York.

You can review all of Maria’s services, books, e-books, YouTube videos, DVDS of her TV program, and more on her lovely website, HERE.

Maria’s latest book, “Mythical, Magical Beasts and Beings” is available on Amazon, HERE.

And you can see Maria D’Andrea on her YouTube Channel, HERE.

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