Maria D’Andrea’s New Book – Positively, Positive Spells, Vanquish Negativity In Your Life


Positively, Positive Spells

Dateline: 1-25-16: Our professional psychic friend, Maria D’Andrea is back with us this evening. It's been TOO LONG since we've spent some time with Maria. Maria is an author, Interfaith Minister, Psychic, and a European Shaman.

Maria has authored another book, the title is, “Maria D'Andrea's Positively Positive Spell Book.” The book is available at in print and Kindle formats. The paper version is just $19.95 and the Kindle version is $8.95. Here's the link……

The topic of Spells is very misunderstood, thanks in large part

to the entertainment industry and I'm not just taking a shot at Disney movies, this entertainment connection goes all the way back to Shakespeare's Macbeth, Act 4, scene 1, with three witches singing, “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."

A more grounded and realistic way of looking at spells is to consider them as clearly defined goals, stated as an affirmation, at a time when the lunar energy is either waxing (building up) or waning(decreasing), so as to take advantage of the energy to either increase of decrease something And unless you are interested in bringing some negativity into your life, keep your spellwork positive and for everyone's highest and best good.

We also took caller questions.- Scott


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