Master Gardener & Herbalist Jeannie Francis on Joys of Juicing

Jeannie FrancisFar Out Radio Program. We present to you our regular holistic health guest Jeannie Francis. Listen HEREJoin Jeannie Francis to help us celebrate vegetarian month as she helps us explore the many benefits of juicing with fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. Why is the raw, concentrated approach so healthy for our bodies?  Should you juice every day or do a juice cleanse for a few days? What works best for individuals and families?

Jeannie Francis as a master gardener, herbalist and holistic practitioner has the deep understanding of a natural nutrition approach with juicing. Find out what has worked for her and her clients and what can work for you whether you want to lose a few pounds, rid your body of toxins or just get healthier with more energy in your go. Jeannie has the approach.

About Jeannie Francis: Besides being a Master Gardener, Jeannie Francis is a Reflexology therapist, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner. She offers her holisitc services and classes in the South Jersey area, online, over the phone and with Skype presentations.

Click the Graphic Below to Visit Jeannie's Website to find out more about her services, classes and natural products.

Jeannie Francis

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