Metaphysics and How to Make Things Happen by Maria D’Andrea

by Maria D'Andrea

The Transition:

metaphysical art-marie articleWe’ve already started to be in the transition. It’s not something where it’s going to hit immediately. People are looking at it like they’re waiting but the way we look at it metaphysically, when you have an energy shift, it doesn’t start one day and end the next. It doesn’t go by our calendar. That’s man-made.

It usually moves into it and then you go through the transition time and then it takes time to flow out of it. Now we look at the transition time as a time of positive changes where we’re moving from one dimension to the dimension we’re in now, to the next dimension. So that’s why we shift. It’s a planetary shift. The reason we go thru a shift is we live on the planet and we’re moving with the energy of the planet.

As an example, we have “Dragon Lines”, which are also called “Ley Lines” They are grids of energy that go through the earth, through the universe and through us. So sometimes people will notice, for example, if they’re near an energy vortex like Sedona. The energy is different there than if you’re somewhere else on the planet. So we’re dealing with Ley Lines that are energy lines and with portals and shifts.

Sometimes people like to live near a Dragon Line, because they look at it as if a vortex of energy has to be positive. But that’s not true. If you think of a vortex of energy, not that it’s not positive, but it’s overwhelming. If you’re actually living on the side of a vortex or very close to it, it’s like living on the edge of a hurricane or tornado. It’s intense energy. You may want to visit there, but you don’t want to live there.

Planetary Changes:

The planetary changes come for two reasons: The planet is set to go in cycles just like you have the sun coming up and it goes down. And you have the moon come up and then that goes down. You have natural planetary changes. Sometimes it takes centuries for it to go through a cycle but it does have natural changes. Then besides that, you have to take a look at the mindset of people on the planet, not just one society. If you have a time where most people on the planet in different countries are in chaos, that’s going to affect the energy of the planet. You can throw it off balance. If you have most of the people on the planet being in sync and focusing on positive energy, then of course that will put it into a positive mode. But we can’t influence it.

Right now it’s going through a chaotic phase. But again, the shift of the planet is natural so it’s moving into the next dimension which is going to be positive. If you are  in sync with it and you’re flowing with the same energy and you’re working with it, then it’s going to be an easy transition. If somebody is very chaotic and very negative, than they’re going to have a harder transition.

Dimensional Shift:

The oncoming transition can be called a dimensional shift. But again it’s not literally just a year or specific date. It’s already started moving towards this shift. And then after, it still takes time to stabilize. It’s not an overnight thing. It takes a couple of years before, through it and after. It’s a much longer shift.

What the shift creates is a heightening of the abilities we already have, which is positive. It brings out positive abilities in us that we may not have been aware of. As an example, if someone is very negative, it’s going to bring out that trait. So, it brings out your basic traits and then you decide how you want to work with them. Whether you want to change it or you’re happy with the way you are, it’s a good time to start new things. People look at it as an ending, it’s not. It’s a transition. So, if you want to transition into a new ability, and use it for a new line of work, that’s the perfect time.

Certain of your abilities may become more acute and you may decide to take more risks in things. And I find that also working with numerous clients in the business field or private people in the media. I find that in all different fields. You’re really looking at where the abilities are; they’re being heightened. And the people that are spiritual, it’s like they’re just flowing through it. They’re not having a negative time of it. So, the transition is a little bit easier for them. But it’s still a transition.

I’ll give you an example of how we manifest that connects to the planet. if you’re in the Stone Age, and you have this giant, giant, giant boulder, and your tribe is setup behind the boulder and all of a sudden there’s a tornado. And the only reason the tornado doesn’t get to you is because you’re behind this giant boulder.

So now being that you’re in the Stone Age, you’re going to think about it, you’re going to say, this boulder saved your tribe. So through time you’re going to start worshiping the boulder. And as it gets passed down through generations, people don’t know why they’re worshiping the boulder because they forgot the original tornado.

But now you have these people worshiping the boulder and they’re giving it characteristics. So they’re worshiping because of protection; it’s a positive force of love because it took care of them. It’s nurturing because it saved them. So they’re looking at all these characteristics that they attribute to the boulder. Even if they forgot why they’re doing it, they still remember the characteristics.

From the metaphysical point, through especially generations of worship, you actually create. Thought goes to the astral plane and comes back. What happens is, you’re actually creating a deity through the energy of thought being put into this boulder. Centuries later somebody walks by that boulder and they don’t know that a society existed worshiping this for hundreds of years. When they walk past that boulder they’re liable to see the deity that’s connected to it.

So sometimes society will form an energy being, or a deity. Some deities have always been with energy before we were around. But there are some deities that we formed because of our connection with the energies of the planet. You may think, much like the elementals and faeries. And yes, they’re real. I will get back to that realm, later.

A difference between the Psychic and the Metaphysical fields:

I teach both because I do both. And the difference is, when you’re working psychically, it’s very passive. You’re client is at one end of the phone; your source of information, or divine power, is at the other end of the phone. When you’re working psychically, you’re just the wire.

All you’re doing is allowing the information to come through you to the person to help them. That’s very passive. Metaphysics is the opposite. Metaphysics is understanding the laws of nature to work with them; to create situations. Or to cancel situations. So creating the situation could be your understanding the laws of nature to bring finances to your life. Or to know when to plant. We don’t all live in cities, so if you know the cycles of nature, you know when to plant vegetables and when not to.

If you’re working with metaphysics, if you’re canceling, as an example, if you have a business associate that’s extremely negative towards you. What you can do is you can cancel the situation so that they either don’t bother you or that they will leave that job for a better job for themselves.

We never hurt anybody. If you’re having the person move from that job so they don’t bother you, they’re going to get a better job. We only do it in a positive way. We work to cancel situations that are negative for us, or to bring in situations that are positive. But again it’s because we understand the laws of nature.

Elementals and Faeries:

So in getting back to nature and to the elementals and the faeries, you may ask, “what exactly are they”? They’re spirit beings, energy beings. Sometimes if you’re dealing from an intuitive or psychic level, sometimes you’ll see little tiny dots of white light around plants. What they’re doing is they’re nature spirits helping to build the plant and there are other nature spirits that help break down the plant. So they all have different jobs. As an example, most people look at an elf as this little tiny, tiny being because they read all these stories. When you’re working with energy beings … I personally find when I work with them that elves tend to be approximately 3 ft. high. We’ve actually seen them because we work from a psychic point of view.

I have a funny story. I had a friend of mine who came over to clean my house. We were painting one of the rooms and I was trying to get a color that was more like a salmon type of color. We were working on it for two days and on the last wall we were painting.

We ran out of paint and had to get some more. It was in the middle of the night. By 4 in the morning, he was almost done with the one wall. And as he’s painting, I turn around and I notice that whenever the paint roller comes down to about 3 ft. off the ground, he’s making like this little semi-circle and going back up.

I’m looking at him and after a while I said to him: “What are you doing?” He says to me: “Look, there’s an elf running back and forth under the paint. It’s really annoying. Tell him to either leave or get a paint brush.”

He was seeing the energy of him. My painter friend works with the Asian form of exercise for body and mind called Tai Chi, so he’s used to working with energy. But it was funny because I was watching him as he was bringing the roller down, making semi-circles as if over somebody’s head, then he’d start going up and he’d looking really annoyed.

And elemental spirits can look different in different regions of the country. They relate to the earth that they’re connected to geographically. Nature spirits are both positive and negative. It depends on what you’re working with. People always think that nature spirits are always supportive. But they are positive or negative, and then you have pranksters. And we can work with them because all nature is connected.

I am a shaman:

I’m a European Shaman. We have totems, we have animals we’re connected to. One of the reasons we have the animal connection is because when you look at the totem and at the animal that is your totem, you find you have the same traits. If you want to you can actually use those traits or not.

A shaman is a religious leader. Think of it as a tribe, though we’re in a broader society now. It would be a spiritual leader, a religious leader, a healer, a counselor, and it’s somebody who does magic. You know, occult. They would protect the tribe. They would look into the psychic realm – if the tribe was on the move…in Hungary, by the way, it started out as a nomadic tribe. When the tribe was on the move, you had to go to the shaman and say, is it safe to move east, west, north, south? Is it a good time to move now because what if the weather was going to change drastically.

A shaman was basically a spiritual leader, a healer, a psychic, an occultist, or metaphysician, and a counselor. Basically that’s who they go to.

You may wonder if I come from a line of shamans in my family or how I became a shaman. Many people in my family through generations have been psychic. It’s on both sides of my family. Because of the psychic abilities, I found through time that when I really focus on something, eventually it comes true. Then I got into herbs and oils, and then I find because I tend to be very focused, I just attract the information I need to know.

So I would run into people that are shamans. I would run into people who were into martial arts, healers, all different types of people every time I needed information. Then through time you develop your own system. I looked into the ancient knowledge because that’s where my interest lies.

Choosing my calling or my calling chose me:

When I was just 6 I discovered my abilities so it had already been my path. We have free will and I could’ve chosen not to work with it. It didn’t mean I had to. I really feel that the more people I can help, the more I’m helping society and down the line, the planet. It’s more of a calling rather than a job to me. If I wasn’t doing this for a living, I would still be doing it because it’s a way of life. It’s not a job.

When I was in grade school, I remember there was a thunder storm and I wanted to go home, and I remember saying that it really needs to stop so that I can get home. All of a sudden it just stopped; I got home and it started again. When you’re little, it doesn’t occur to you that you can’t work with it. Because of that, I started saying, oh, maybe I can do this, and maybe I can do that.

Working with “energies”:

And the more I did it and the more it hit, the more I started to look into why does it work, how does it work, what am I doing? Originally, I wasn’t doing it consciously (where you actaully create a "formula"). And you really need to do both (psychically and metaphysically). And from the psychic and metaphysical point of view, when you’re talking to people normally, your brainwave is on a beta frequency. When you’re working psychically, or metaphysically, your brain wave will actually shift up to alpha or theta.

We’re actually working in tune with the energies of the planet and situations around us. One of the things that I find when you are working very intensely for a long time dealing with psychic and metaphysical abilities, you get very strange fallout. As an example, I was constantly working psychically and metaphysically at the same time literally for months. It was on a very intense level. I was alone in the house, and all of a sudden I heard this very loud male voice saying: “You are the lightening, not the thunder.” It was perfectly clear. And I turned around and went – “OK, there’s nobody there”.

So I went back to doing my metaphysical work and it actually repeated 3 times. By the third time I was a little calmer. I didn’t know who was saying it or where it was coming from, but it was the tone of voice of a person who was saying something as matter of fact, like 2 and 2 are 4. By the third time I actually realized that what the massage meant for me. We are the cause, not the effect. After I realized that, then I just stopped hearing it. The first time I heard it I actually turned around and went: “What?”

The cause and effect and working with nature:

Now you may think with this idea that we are the cause and not the effect – You may ask, “aren’t our creations also the effect of what we create?” Basically you’re working metaphysically; you’re working with nature to create situations. So you’re the cause of creating. But when you’re creating the situations it’s still within always the boundaries of nature. The point is not to create something that you didn’t plan on creating. You’re doing it on purpose.

In the science lab, you’re mixing two ingredients together because of a specific affect. If two ingredients always have the same effect than you know to repeat it to get the effect you want. But you’re causing the two to blend to create the third situation. It doesn’t mean in everything in life, it means metaphysically. If you decide to create a new job, then you put all the ingredients together that will attract that to you because you’re changing your vibration a little bit to be more magnetized for that. You’re putting out for the new job to come in. So when it comes in you’re not going to go: “Oh, how did that happen?” You were working on it. The only thing that you can go is: “I should’ve been more specific. I got a job opportunity in a field that I don’t do.” So you need to be a little more focused for that.

The whole idea is that you have to become more conscious of what you are creating so that you can fine tune what you finally want to manifest. We create things all the time we’re not conscious of. There is a popular cartoon in magazines where this little old lady is looking under the bed all the time to see if anybody’s there hiding. In real life if somebody did that and if they were paranoid about it long enough, somebody’s going to be there.

So it doesn’t always mean we’re consciously creating. As an example, if you have a pattern in your life that you notice something’s always going wrong, or something’s always going right, you can kind of step back and say, "what am I doing to create the pattern?" It’s a little bit more involved, but there’s something in there that’s either teaching you a lesson or you’re teaching somebody else a lesson. It can also be something that harps back to a past life situation. But, the quicker you figure it out, the better it can work.

A Metaphysician:

There’s a phrase called “Metaphysically Arranged”; basically it means that you use visualization or some other method to receive or bring something specific. Somebody who is a Metaphysician is somebody who studies, understands, and practices the laws of nature. It’s a science.

But it’s a science of being and growing. “Meta” basically means higher or beyond. When they coined that phrase, what they refer to is something that is higher or beyond this physics. Or it’s called “Invisible Physics”. But what you have to remember is Occult has always been here. Just the terminology “Metaphysics” is a newer term. It still says the same thing. It’s just an updated version. But it literally means, “beyond earth physics”.

And then, of course, it has all sorts of philosophical doctrine. They’re all part of the main (spiritual) source, whatever you want to call that. Actually, if you look at Physics today, it goea back to ancient Metaphysics. If you look at chemistry, it actually came out of Alchemy. Alchemy (turning one substance into another) is one of the oldest sciences. That’s why I deal with ancient methods and I deal with my own because I’ve been doing this most of my life.

Metaphysics, psychic work and my family's talents:

And I’ve always been in tune but I’ve been doing this most of my life. It’s a way of life with me.  My oldest son, Rick works with the psychic field. And the same for my other son, Rob. They both live with it in different ways. My oldest son, Rick, uses it for healing and readings besides his regular job because he’s an engineer. With Rob, he’s a business man, and he uses it more from a business point of view. They just work it differently, but it does tend to be in my family. My mother doesn’t deal with the psychic field but she deals with herbs for natural healing. Most Europeans go to an herb rather than an aspirin. So she understands herbs more.

I practice the arts of Tai Chi and Chi Gong. It is pretty easy to pull a muscle. And so, they have a cream out in a tube that you can get in a pharmacy or a drugstore, and it’s called Arnicac. I t works great and guess waht? Arnica comes from an herb. And the herb's name is Wolf’s Bane. But you’re not going to see it at the store where you’re going to say: “Oh, I’ve got to pick up some Wolf’s Bane.”

When you look at the title of any herb that has Bane at the end, that word means “poison”. If it’s Wolf’s Bane than that herb will poison a wolf.  If an herb is called Hen Bane, and there is an herb called that, if a hen accidentally ate that herb, it would be poisoned. So, that’s where they got it from. It’s very ancient and this is the knowledge my mother uses.

My family is a good example of the many practical ways you can study and apply metaphysics and intuitive abilities to enhance your everyday life.

About Maria D'Andrea

Maria is an author of several metaphysical books and is a regular guest here on FarOutRadio. Our listeners love her insightful and accurate readings. Maria is an internationally known professional psychic originally from Budapest, Hungary. Since early childhood she has demonstrated high spiritual awareness and psychic ability.  Over her lifetime and as a Spiritual Leader, she has provided excellent psychic guidance and enlightenment to many people, assisting them on their own personal path of spiritual self discovery.  Find out more about Maria, her trainings and services at Her books on Amazon, Here.

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