Mystery Of Marfa Texas Lights SOLVED by the Brilliant Edson Hendricks


Edson Hendricks, the genius who invented the design for the Internet talks about The Marfa Lights, on Far Out Radio with host, Scott Teeters.

In Marfa, Texas there is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is called, “The Marfa Lights.” These are very bright balls of light that just show up. If you go to YouTube, there are numerous videos that you can see. But the videos don’t do the topic justice because they do indeed look fake and a skeptical mind can easily come up with lots of ways you could easily fake something like this on video.

Many people have seen the Marfa Lights. Honest people, that often approach the subject as a skeptic and are genuinely blown away. And for as far back as the locals can remember, the Lights have been there, indicating that this is something natural, but not understood. And to the locals, it’s no big deal!
Well back in the early 1990s when Edson first heard about The Marfa Lights, get got very curious and applied his natural skills and abilities and went to Marfa, Texas. I don’t think that Marfa ever hand anyone like Edson come into town, this interested in their lights. And, he with us tonight to tell us about his experiences and findings.
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edson on Marfa