Nutritionist, Eric Spinner On GMOs, What Can We REALLY Do About Them?

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FB-Eric-Spinner-GMO-72The issue of GMOs is finally getting HOT! Last October and November the California ballot initiative for GMO labeling got the attention of the nation. Big agra and companies such as Monsanto and Dupont successfully created enough confusion and fog around the issue of the simple labeling of what’s in the foods we eat, to have the initiative turned down. But, the national attention may have awakened the sleeping giant called, “the American consumer.”

Then on May 25, 2013 we saw the world-wide “March Against Monsanto” event. While the mainstream media gave it scant attention and our leaders for the most part pretended that it didn’t happen, it DID happen and more people are now focused on this very important issue.

Here at Far Out Radio, we have done numerous programs covering the GMO issue. Links to our previous GMO shows are below. Clearly, the pro-GMO companies aren’t about to stop with their agenda. But that doesn’t mean that we should turn tail, be quiet, and keep eating.

Health-Haven-2-PhotoWe will continue to hit this issue from multiple angles. Eric Spinner is a certified nutritionist and has owned and operated his own independent health food store in Medford, New Jersey for 21 years. Aside from choosing to not buy processed foods (which almost always contain GMOs) and instead choosing to buy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, GMOs are very hard to avoid.  And if you enjoy dining out, remember that unless you are eating at an all-natural, Mom & Pop restaurant, most restaurant food is likely to be partially GMO.

So, what are we to do? In the first hour, Eric and I explore what we can do from a nutrition and supplement perspective to counter act the inevitable consumption of GMOs.

In the second hour, we discuss good oils and bad oils. Not all oils are bad for you and in fact, several are VERY beneficial. The cheapest and most common oils in processed foods are “hydrogenated” oil, which is actually, first level plastic! (YUMMY!) Adding good oils, even certain saturated fat oils, can be a very good thing to do. Eric has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we will mine for the full two hours! Make sure your note pad is with you!

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