Open Letter to Intolerant Liberals and Unhappy Social Justice Warriors


A Memorial Day Message to Self-Hating Americans

Dateline: 5.29.17 – Since the election of President Trump and the exit of former President Obama, it is very obvious that self-proclaimed Social Justice Warriors and "Tolerant" Liberals are extremely unhappy. At first, I thought it was simply because their candidate, Mrs. Clinton lost the election, but it seems to run much deeper.

We have seen incident after incident of complete intolerance from the Left over a variety of issues. Sometimes the Left and Social Justice Warrior people resort to violence against fellow Americans over disagreements, and resort to vandalism against private property. They are very, very, VERY upset and unhappy. They started off simply going into their Safe Zones and now they are taking their rage to the streets and threatening to bomb the White House.

The Left and Social Justice Warrior people are now attempting to rewrite American history by demanding that cities throughout the South take down memorials to the American Confederate War Soldiers, such as Robert E. Lee and others. These latest demands claim that American Civil War Confederate memorial statues are symbols of “hate.”

(Since 1900, The U.S. Congress has passed four acts giving soldiers of the Confederacy, Veterans Rights. Read about it HERE. Why was this done? To help heal the wounds of that terrible experience.)

Leftists and Social Justice Warriors are doing the same thing with the Confederate flag. Last month a video went viral when a woman in Oregon had a total meltdown because she saw a Confederate Flag rug for sale in a store while shopping with her children. She DEMANDED that the store remove the item, and when told to leave the store began screaming obscenities and crying hysterically in front of her little children.

Her small children got to see their mother cuss like a drunken sailor and totally lose it!

When Thomas Jefferson wrote in The Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." the operative word is “pursuit”. We are free to “pursue” happiness, in other words, work to achieve that state of mind we call “Happiness.” It is not a GURANTEE.

So, I have a suggestion to the legions of Leftists and Social Justice Warriors that are so very unhappy with the United States of America.

Please, DO NOT be unhappy on our account. Perhaps the USA isn't for you. If you are in your neighbor's house and you don't like what kinds of TV they watch or what they eat and drink, you don't DEMAND that they change. You simply don't go there.

Perhaps you should consider residing in some other nation – one that is more suitable with your lofty Socialist values. One more in alignment with your inner sense of social justice.

There are several northern European nations, such as Sweden and Norway that have a complete Socialist social structure. Canada is sort of “American-ish”, but quite Socialist. If you prefer warmer climates, Mexico might be more to your liking, or one of the other Central America nations. You might want to consider a month long vacation in Venezuela so you can see how a Socialist state functions out when it is failing.

I have been speaking nicely, but to be more direct and to the point, I'll put it this way…

If you think the United States of America is an awful, racist nation, LEAVE! It is an option that is available to you at any time. Pack up your old kit bag and GIT! I mean you no malice, but, THERE ARE NO HOOKS IN YOUR ASS! Really.

If you a ashamed because 241 years years ago some, but not all, of the Founding Fathers had slaves and therefor the Nation is "built on slavery," PLEASE, don't stay.

No, the great Thomas Jefferson was correct; we have the right to pursue happiness. But true Americans must be eternally vigilant against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, If you are going to attempt to destroy our nation from within, then you are THE ENEMY.

So, by all means, I invite you and your unhappy friends to pursue your happiness, find your bliss, and sail by your own inner compass somewhere else and leave the United States of America to those that love it here.

But we have to ask ourselves, “Where does this angst from the Left and SJW people lead?” Are the Founding Fathers next? Then the American Flag? Then the Constitution? At which point the United States of America is over…

Leftys and Social Justice Warrior folks, it's time for you to leave. Real Americans don't want to to be miserable, so GET OUT! – Scott


Bob Hope's best quote… “I don't mind if someone wants to burn the American flag. As long as they wrap themselves up in it first.”

Bob Hope on Democrats…

PS – Memo to Madonna. If you ever again threaten to bomb the White House, we will run you out of your mansion, straight to Mexico! Just exercising our Free Speech, Baby! You're such a classy broad!