Attack on American History via Social Engineering w Robert Morningstar

  Robert Morningstar & Jerrye Barre talk about social reengineering of American History, on Far Out Radio. Our resident conspiracy scientist, Robert Morningstar is back for another visit this program. Robert’s guest to join in on the conversation is Jerrye Barre, a lifelong resident of New Orleans with family roots to the area that go […]

Robert Morningstar, Halcyon Days of the 1960s, Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Dorothy Kilgallen & Donald Trump 8-7-15

A warm remembrance of a time when things seemed right. It is Robert Morningstar week here on Far Out Radio. Robert was with us last Monday, along with his colleague Dr. David Mantik and we spent the hour talking about the ghoulish, faked JFK skull x-rays. The JFK assassination was indeed, The Crime of the […]

FAKED JFK Autopsy X-Rays – Robert Morningstar & Dr. David Mantik 8-3-15

Dateline: 8.3.15 – Our resident conspiracy scientist, Robert Morningstar is back for another visit this evening. Robert and I have done many programs about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We keep talking about JFK’s assassination because nothing of the official explanation adds up. Joining us for this program is Robert Morningstar’s research friend, Dr. […]

Robert Morningstar Now taking the Reins of

R.I.P. Dirk Vander Ploeg, Changing of the Guard at, Robert Morningstar.   This program,Robert Morningstar talks about the passing of  Dirk Vander Ploeg, founder of's founder Dirk Vander Ploeg passed unexpectedly recently. Our regular guest, Robert Morningstar has been working with Dirk for over 10 years and shared his thoughts and feelings about his friend […]

4/27/15 Travis Walton Movie, Secret Space Program, A Rich Man’s Trick, Moon Monoliths w Robert Morningstar

Robert Morningstar talks about the new Travis Walton movie & the Secret Space program, on Far Out Radio with Scott Teeters. Robert Morningstar and I covered four topics this evening. Earlier in April, Robert had the opportunity to meet UFO abductee Travis Walton, the man at the center of the "Fire In The Sky" story.    […]