Parapolitics: Conspiracy in Contemporary America

Kenn Thomas FBFarOutRadio Program. Listen HERE. There was a connection problem. The first 5 minutes is Dylan Charles  Then Kenn Thomas comes on. Great Interview!!!  Our guest this program is Kenn Thomas, author of the book Parapolitics: Conspiracy in Contemporary America and several other truth out titles about suppressed conspiracies and more. Kenn was chosen to be a guest on FarOutradio because  we are committed to getting the truth out about the secret elites and the manuipulated world in which we live.

Join us as we talk with Kenn Thomas as he tracks parapolitics—aka conspiracy theory—in the 21st Century. Thomas has traveled and lectured about conspiracies throughout America for the past fifteen years, appearing in the major media as the sharpest critic of the consensus view of current affairs.

From the Kennedy assassination to 9/11 and beyond to today's headlines, Thomas examines the underlying parapolitics that animate the secret elites and the war ravaged planet they manipulate. His book, Parapolitics collects his lecture remarks, interviews, correspondence and articles printed in the underground press from around the world.

About Kenn Thomas:

Kenn Thomas works as a conspiracy research writer, a parapolitical investigator, university library archivist, and showrunner for Steamshovel Press, a parapolitical conspiracy cyber presence and magazine. Thomas has authored over a dozen books on various geopolitical and conspiracy topics. His  more recent titles include JFK & UFO, about the possibility that 1947 UFO witness Fred Crisman was connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy; and The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, about theInslaw affair. In 2004, Feral House published a new edition of The Octopus, extending the suggestion of connections to the post-9/11 world and al-Qaeda. Feral House also recently published the new book, fully titled JFK & UFO: Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-Up from Maury Island to Dallas.

Thomas calls his research interest "parapolitics," the study of conspiracies of all colors — from alien abductions and the Illuminati, to the John F. Kennedy assassination and the September 11, 2001 attacks. Thomas lectures extensively. For example, he has appeared at Conspiracy Con in San Francisco, the Disinfo Con and Media Monotone conferences in New York, the Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vega, the Alternative Research Community conference in Bath, England and the All I Want Is The Truth conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

His website is You may purchase his books on


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