Paris Climate Agreement 101 – A Reality Check With Stefan Molyneux



Bursting the MYTH of Climate Change (aka Global Warming)

Dateline: 6.3.17 – The hyperventilating from the Left and Greenies has been off the charts since President Trump announced that our nation would not abide by the Paris Climate Agreement. (See President Trump's announcement at the bottom of this post) The Left and especially Hollyweird people have been hysterical, claiming that the oceans are going to swallow us up any day, children will choke to death with asthma, and all manner of grave imaginings. When it comes to dreaming up nightmares, they're very good at it. Maybe that's why they keep cranking out disaster and horror films.


Well, it is time for a brief injection of grounded reality and facts, and not the fairy tales told by NPR and the rest of the Leftist Media.

I invite you to watch this brief well researched 11:56-minute presentation by well known philosopher Stefan Molyneux titled, “The Sad Truth About The Paris Climate Accord.” I believe it be well worth your time.

Stefan Molyneux is an intelligent Youtube channel favorite with the world's largest, commercial free, philosophy website, Free Domain Radio. Stefan is earthy, passionate, funny, serious, and sincere. He talks about history, science, religion, politics, current events, and often has lengthy conversations with his listeners.

"Since President Trump announced that our nation would not abide by the Paris Climate Agreement. The Left and especially Hollyweird people have been hysterical"


To enjoy more of Stefan Molyneux's videos, I invite you to visit his Videos Page on his YouTube Channel, CLICK HERE.

So, if you have Liberal Green friends that are holding up and trembling in their Safe Zones, I suggest you gently introduce this blog post and video to them for their consideration. But be prepared to “duck”. They might respond by throwing something at you! Good Luck. – Scott Teeters, editor of



PS: Here is the announcement by President Trump on June 1, 2017 concerning our exit from the Paris Climate Agreement. This is from the White House's YouTube Channel. Note that the Thumbs Up are DOUBLE that of the Thumbs Down. Also note that the Channel has almost a million subscribers. If you want to get information DIRECTLY from the Trump Administration and NOT the propagandists in the media, click the Subscribe button.

It is worth listening to President Trump's OWN WORDS, and not the words of news pundits that tell the American public what to think and who to believe.