Physical and Spiritual Realities of our Psychic Minds


native american spiritsor “Ghosts Of The Tribe” By Maria D’Andrea  MsD, D.D., DRH ©  as excerpted from “Love and Light in The Garden of God, Collective Writings”

All of our modern day activities and hectic running around, still leave our sensitivities open to the past and to the spirit world. This is as it should be. When you are psychic, intuitive or sensitive, it is as though you are walking on a tight rope between the two realities. On one side is the astral plane – spirit – and the other is the physical plane – man. We are meant to deal with both equally. Ghosts are found in varied environments and much more frequently then supposed.

You need only to leave yourself open and pay attention, not from your intellect, but from your sensitivity levels. Psychic development is part of your daily, intuitive awareness. Years ago, I was in a car on the highway on vacation. It was dusk and we sped along looking at the scenery. I noticed further in the front of us, Native Americans walking back and forth crossing the highway. First, I thought it was strange that the cars kept missing them and could not understand why they picked the area to cross. As we moved closer, I realized they were not solid, but slightly translucent. It was difficult not to cringe as we drove through a female figure.

We stopped and contacted a spirit. If you ask questions, there are frequent times that they are answered. Apparently the highway ran through old Native American tribal ground. It was very peaceful and serene. As much as the tribal everyday occurrences went on in life, now they continued on another plane. The cars and modern day activities went by unnoticed.

The Native Americans although on the next plane of existence, still felt the connection between themselves and nature. Blending with forces of the universe and the laws of nature, utilizing them and accepting the forces as being one with them. There is so much to be gained by contacting these spirits and asking questions to put perspective to our way of life, living with Mother Nature and all of the elements. We have them at our disposal to be used as a positive power.

We need only to tune into a source we can communicate with. We in the physical body have all the controls. We have free will which governs the spirits on the other side. They are bound by Divine Providence to answer our questions or leave. However, you must always remember to use a form of psychic protection prior to contact to be safe, such as prayer or psychic-self-defense.

Use your sensitivities to be more aware of your surroundings to tune into both reality levels. Look around, feel, sense and listen. Trust your own intuitive input. You may be surprised at what you tune into and gain as information. Try going to areas known for being old Native American sites, as they are very psychically synchronized with us. Just do protection, stay quiet and let all your senses be open.

Take a notebook with you and write down everything. This will give you a reference point at a later date. Remember to use your psychic protection and relax, have fun.  Always remember you are one with Divine Power. May God Bless You Abundantly.

About Maria D'Andrea:

Maria D'Andrea is an internationally known professional psychic originally from from Budapest, Hungary. Since early childhood she has demonstrated high spiritual awareness and psychic ability. Over her lifetime and as a Spiritual Leader, she has provided excellent psychic guidance and enlightenment to many people, assisting them on their own personal path of spiritual self discovery. Check out Maria's website and all the uplifting courses she offers, Maria is a regular guest on Enjoy her FarOutRadio interviews and call in programs, here.