Radio Personality, Mel Simons on Old Time Radio Trivia


Mel Simons Old Time Radio Trivia   Ready for some entertainment nostalgia? Mel Simons, author, comedian, accordion player, long-time radio personality will test your memory from the golden years of radio shows that tickled the imagination or his stories will add to your own trivia trove of days gone by. Mel will share delightful stories from his book, Old Time Radio Trivia.

About Mel Simons:

Mel Simons, long-time radio personality & interviewer, has been on radio for decades with his trivia show “The Audio Clip Trivia Quiz”. He entertains at reunions, conventions, men’s and women’s clubs, senior citizens’ groups, church groups, dinner dances, weddings, bar mitzvahs and other social functions in the Boston area. In addition to offering the trivia shows, he is an experienced accordianist, humorist, disc jockey, and MC. And most recently, author of some fun books about old time TV and radio trivia.

You may check out all his books on Amazon. Visit his website HERE.