Ready to get to know the real God this lifetime?

inner voiceby Echo Bodine as excerpted from her blog.  I think back to my own "God path" which started in the Presbyterian church, then the Baptist church, and then getting on a spiritual path when I joined AA. Getting to know God has been a major part of my life this time and I wonder if it is one of the major life experiences we sign up to accomplish in our lifetimes. It would make sense that at some point in our evolution-consciousness, every one of us needs to really get to know the REAL God and not just the God written about 4000 years ago.

So what if it is part of our life experience to get to know the REAL God? What would that look like? How would we go about doing that? Simply go to church?

It was never enough for me. I always wanted more, more, more. I wanted to feel God deep inside. I always had a knowing that there was so much more to this deity than what I was learning about in Sunday school or confirmation class.

Realizing that our inner voice is the voice of God has been the most valuable way for me to get to know God.

Meditation has been great. Sitting in the silence and focusing on that light within helps us feel our connection with God. Asking God to reveal himself/herself to me has also been extremely powerful. I wrote a book called Look for the Good and You'll Find God which is all short stories, experiences that I've had with God that showed me, taught me, about the REAL God and it's been quite different than the God talked about in the Old Testament.

So back to my question. What would your life look like if the one thing you came into this lifetime to experience was getting to know the real God? Would it be any different than the life you already have? Would you look at it from a different perspective maybe? Instead of looking at all the bad stuff as coming from God, what if we looked at everything as an opportunity for us to know and understand the REAL God?

I think it's kind of a cool thought to think of everything as a way for us to get closer to God and to understand Him/Her.

So, again, I have this thought that I wanted to share with you. What would your life look like if the one thing you came into this lifetime to experience was getting to know the real God? Let your mind wander to all the experiences in your life that stand out the most and see if they weren't in some way, an invitation to get to know the real God.

About Echo Bodine:

Echo Bodine is a renowned spiritual healer, psychic and teacher.  Her books include What Happens When We Die, The Gift, Echoes of the Soul, and A Still Small Voice. She lectures widely on intuition, spiritual healing, and life after death: co-hosts the bi-monthly online show Sisters for the Soul: and has a popular blog.

You may check out all her books on Amazon. Visit her website (her blog lives there too). Enjoy her interview with FarOutRadio HERE.


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