Robert Morningstar, Remembering American Hero & Astronaut Edgar Mitchell


The passing of Dr. Edgar Mitchell & this weeks 2016 presidential election BIG NEWS in Iowa this week!

Dateline: 2.6.16: America lost a true hero yesterday. Captain Edgar Mitchell died Thursday in a Hospice in Lake Worth, Florida. Captain Mitchell was 85 years old and was the 6th man to walk on the Moon and spent 9 hours on the surface! He was also the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 14. had this to say about Edgar Mitchell…

Edgar Mitchell was one of the few astronauts at the time who had a doctorate degree. In the Navy, he not only flew planes but also gave advanced mathematics and navigational lessons to aviators who were astronaut candidates. After five years at NASA, Mitchell's knowledge of the lunar landing module got accolades from his peers, likely factoring in to the decision to put him on Apollo 14."

Robert shared with us some of his experiences with Dr. Mitchell.

And last week was the first of the 2016 Presidential Election Primaries. Mrs. Clinton "won by a hair" over Bernie Sanders. It was not an impressive win, but she'll take it.

On the GOP side, Ted Cruz won, but is showing himself to the be the incarnation of "Tricky Dick" Nixon. He had "forgotten" to disclose two BIG loans (over a million dollars!) to fund his campaign (one loan was from his wife's former employer, Goldman Sachs, the other from CitiBank). The Cruz camp sent deceiving mailers to Iowan GOP members, and then a rumor was started by the Cruz campaign that Dr. Ben Carson was bailing out and Republicans should VOTE FOR CRUZ.

This is some pretty low down, despicable stuff. Many are weighing in, calling this, "raw VOTER FRAUD!" You can bet your sweet bippy if the Trump side had done just one of those things, the MSM would have never let him off the hook!

And this is just the beginning.

LOTS more fun, and plenty of hot, steamy, smelly, political cow pie throwing to come! Scott


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