Robert Morningstar – Republican National Committee At War With Donald Trump


 The will of Republican voters verses the Donor Class and the Republican National Committee

Dateline: 3-21-16: Back in the beginning of February when Robert was with us we talked about the Iowa Caucus, which was the first of 61 primary elections – that's one primary for each state and 11 territories. Iowa was supposed to be where Donald J. Trump would fall flat on his face, but surprise, surprise, surprise! This is turning out to be the most exciting presidential race, arguably since the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon race.

The Donor Class is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat the current GOP front runner, Donald Trump. When Mr. Trump arrived last June and fired his opening salvo, I said, “Donald Trump will be the Great Wrecking Ball” and he has NOT let up. The Media is totallybesides themselves because he's not a traditional, mealy-mouthed, apologetic, politician. He's a plane-talking, straight shooter who says what he means and means what he says. And the Media and the Donor Class CAN'T STAND IT!

The Donor Class and political elites have FINALLY come out of the closet. Yes! They've COME OUT!

It has never been more obvious that this race isn't just the Office of the President of the United States, is also about the the will of the American people, verses that of the Donor Class and the political elites. Thanks for listening! – Scott


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