Robert W. Sullivan, Cinema Symbolism: A Guide to Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies

The hidden-in-plain-sight symbolism in modern motion pictures, you'll never watch a movie the same again!

Dateline: 2.22.16: Our resident 32nd Degree Mason, Robert W. Sullivan, the 4th was back with us. Even though Cinema Symbolism is 503 pages of rich detail, from the perspective of someone who has studied history, secret societies, philosophy, and religions, Rob had MORE material that he wasn't able to include in the book. So, you know what that means – a follow-up book – perhaps, “Son, of, Cinema Symbolism”? Well, I doubt it, but I do like that title.

Rob is still writing the followup, but there's plenty of material to cover in this “verbal sneak peak”. As I have said before, movies are THE major art form of our modern world, so, it’s a good thing to at least know what’s in your face when you are watching a movie.

Our brief tour of movies rich in symbolism included a look at some of the criticism of classic Disney films – such as "Fantasia," Ian Fleming and the James Bond films, the "Chronicles of Narnia" series, and others. Rob shared that Cinema Symbolism-II" will get into the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, the films and TV series of David Lynch, a deeper look at "Black Swan" and "The Shining."

Rob also shared that the more he has researched symbolism in films, he has come to the conclusion that this series of books will go on and on. – Scott


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