Science of Manipulation – Social Engineering of America Robert Morningstar & Jerrye Berre


Robert Morningstar & Jerrye Berre talk about the dark agenda of SOCIAL ENGINEERING of America, on Far Out Radio.

Our "Media” defines our times. The Media should function like our culture’s "central nervous system" in that it is supposed to be telling us “how we are.” It sort’a-kind’a does, but mostly doesn’t. It feeds up with a lot of bad, erroneous information. Certain kinds of stories are hyped and others ignored. Often times sensational stories are used as distractions.

It starts to get murky when conspiracy researchers try to connect the dots of cause and effect. Was the shooting in Oregon the other day deliberately done so as to distract attention away from what Vladimir Putin said in the UN the other day and the success of Russia’s action against ISIS? We’ll never REALLY know, but you have to wonder! 

Remember, they are Masters at the art of "BREAKING NEWS!" That’s what they do best. Many go to school to learn this! And that’s just one angle of “Social Engineering.” The control, manipulation, and influence of events to create an emotional response of repulsion or support for a specific agenda, its a SCIENCE. And we’re the lab rats.

But, here’s the good news. Once you know what to look for, they’ll never get over on you. It’ll be like trying to sneak a sunrise past a rooster.

Listen in for fresh insights.

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