Secret Space Program Attendee Reviews the Conference with Pics

The Secret Space Program/Breakaway Civilization Conference – review by Jeff Krause

secret space program conferenceEditor's Note: Here is a brief explanation of the goals of the Secret Space program Conference as it is republished from the site,

"Is there a Secret Space Program?

Join us as we present a carefully selected group of speakers gathered to ask some serious questions about the “deep state” and what is really happening in the world and beyond. We expose the most powerful invisible mechanisms behind global geopolitical and financial trends.

Where did the money go?

Our program will include financial, historical and cultural analysis of the “Breakaway Civilization.” That’s the 1% of the 1% – the group whose wealth is exploding.  We will discuss the system of hidden finance that put the American intelligence community in the role of international bankers. Multi trillion dollar financial fraud and market manipulations are actually mechanisms for financing the black budget programs and the privatized, centralized governance necessitated by high-tech secrecy.

A financial mechanism to transfer wealth to a new “Breakaw

A financial mechanism to transfer wealth to a new “Breakaway Civilization”.

Is the UFO the hidden factor in modern history?

Over the years, there have been many confirmed World Military encounters with UFOs. The energy and technology implications of these crafts and the probable political forces that are blocking changes to our energy paradigm are very much worth researching. Ever wondered how a breakaway civilization could operate with impunity?

Breakaway Consciousness

Divorcing inner and outer space from each other is the core goal of all elites. When we end this divorce we will be privy to an astounding kind of knowledge.  Not just new information, but a new kind of information. We would see with new eyes.

Inner space is consciousness.  Eight billion people will need to have their inner space shut down, through mind control, for the outer space program to remain a secret. Is it possible to get out of this mess that is causing so much suffering and destruction on this planet? There are steps that can lead us to a new reality. We should act fast and shift our consciousness. If we wish to be part of an authentic ‘Breakaway Civilization’, we must first attain a ‘Breakaway Consciousness’.

What is really going on out there?

What is in space now and what can be? How does space influence all of our lives?   Are there Cosmic Cultures and Civilizations? Are they visiting us, are they under us? If so, how will this impact our lives? Midst all the myths and legends, speculations and interpretations, theories and perspectives, fears and “research”, how does one discern the truth? With the spins and twists presented in books, documentaries, conferences and speakers, you might find your answers during this unique conference.

If we manage to ask the right questions and put some of the pieces together we might be getting closer to some kind of answer – what is really going on out there? Who is really running things? What are their goals? Why are they behaving this way?

By joining this conference you make it possible for us to get the word out to a lot of people."

Conference Review…

by Jeff Krause, Mufon Field Investigator
I will attempt to cover as best as possible the Secret Space Program/Breakaway Civilization Conference, that took place in San Mateo, CA recently. I say attempt, because this is a blog post, not a 800 lb. book. That would only be Volume 1 anyway. So here goes, with the best short version I can give you.


Before I start, I want to say a special thanks to one of the speakers, and a very good personal friend, Mr. Robert Morningstar…your kind words about me at the conference were more than any friend could ever ask! So, without further ado…

The conference opened right on time at 8:45 with the M.C., Mr. Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio fame at the helm. His insightful questions throughout both days really helped to connect the dots between all the different speakers presentations. It was really an honor to meet him!

Henrik Palmgren 01
Henrik Palmgren
The first speaker to start off the conference was Mr. Mark McCandlish, an accomplished aerospace illustrator who gave a dynamic presentation on Alien Reproduction Vehicles and Zero Point Energy.
Mark McCandlish 01
Mark McCandlish
Mark McCandlish was followed by Mr. Michael Schratt, who I'm sure many of you know from MUFON's hit show on The History Channel, Hangar 1. Michael's presentation had some fantastic graphics to go along with it, and anyone wishing to see most of the conference via my photos, can see them on my Facebook page. His presentation covered not just some of the amazing aircraft our military is using, but also ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicles), and UFOs!
Michael Schratt 01
Michael Schratt
As great as that was, the event kicked up another notch with Mr. Joseph P. Farrell after the lunch break. For anyone who is a fan of Joseph, and I think there might be one or two, his presentation was delivered with all the style and panache that one can expect from him every time! It is truly amazing to be able to listen to him as he ties his information together in a way that everyone can follow and understand. One of the great researchers, his presentation left everyone looking forward to his upcoming presentation the next day.
Joseph P. Farrell 01
Joseph P. Farrell
Next up was Mr. Robert Morningstar, with his presentation "Who's Minding The Moon", which although he experienced some technical issues, was still full of incredible information, and startling photos! The picture of the "Tower", 365.78 miles away from the Apollo spacecraft's  Metric Mapping camera, leaves one stunned with the sheer size and magnitude of such an object!
Robert Morningstar 01
Robert Morningstar
After Robert's presentation, the video "Zero Point" was played for the audience to a warm reception. I highly recommend that everyone see this movie when it becomes available!
After the dinner break the conference resumed with the "Round Table", which for the first night consisted of: Joseph P. Farrell, Mark McCandlish, Steve Bassett…WHOOPS! Did I just say Steve Bassett? That's right! What a treat it was to have him there to talk briefly, and answer questions during Q & A. But the panel would not have been complete without the addition of Henrik Palmgren, Michael Schratt, and Robert Morningstar! The interaction between such an insightful group was fantastic to witness! I could not stay for all of the Q & A session, but what I heard of it was great!
Steve Bassett 01
Steve Bassett
Round Table Day One 01
Round Table, Day One
Henrik started day two off with his usual energy and brilliance! He was a wonderful MC and his questions really helped tie everything together.
Henrik Palmgren 02
Day Two Opening With Henrik Palmgren
The first speaker was Mrs. Catherine Austin Fitts, who I must say impressed me as being WAY smarter than I could ever hope to be! That she could explain the financial web that is financing the breakaway civilization in a way that I could understand is just plain amazing.
Catherine Austin Fitts 01
Catherine Austin Fitts
After Catherine's revealing presentation, Mr. Jon Rappoport was up to discuss what we all can do to bring attention to all the aspects that we discussed during the conference. His delivery is such that I wasn't sure if we were listening to a really good stand-up comedian, or someone with some next-level information who was trying to impart it in a manner that wouldn't cause us all to run for cover. Which really when you think about how badly each and every one of us is getting screwed over this, nails it on the head. Thanks Jon, I know I shook your hand and told you what I thought then, but I got to say it again, great job!
Jon Rappoport 01
Jon Rappoport
After lunch, we were all mesmerized by Richard Dolan's engaging presentation. If you don't think there is a chance that there is a secret space program going on, or a "breakaway" civilization being financed, then I suggest you get his latest book; "UFOs for the 21st Century Mind". That will get you up to date, and perhaps then you will understand better the scope of what is really going on. This is one of those "Foundation" books that I recommend to everyone.
Richard Dolan 01
Richard Dolan
After Richard, Joseph P. Farrell returned to follow up with another presentation that included his "Tower of Babel" theory, which I must say, I love! He was every bit as engaging and brilliant on day two, and in fact, when I got home I ordered two of his books just so I could catch up on his topics! I was fortunate enough to have time to talk to Joseph too about the SLO UFO case…you should have seen his smile when he saw the photographs and the FOIA responses I have so far…golden moment! But I digress…
Joseph P. Farrell 02
Joseph P. Farrell
Carol Rosin was the last speaker of the conference, and she delivered a powerful oratory on the importance of us keeping weapons out of space, which if you think about it just makes sense. For those not familiar, Mrs. Rosin used to work with Werner Von Braun, and was also an executive in the aerospace industry. Her thoughtful insights were a shining beacon to all of us there, and her petition to keep weapons out of space is something I will be posting on my Facebook page, and the MUFON Tri-County page(s).
Carol Rosin 01
Carol Rosin
The second nights "Round Table" consisted of: Richard Dolan, Joseph P. Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts, Carol Rosin, Jon Rappoport, and Henrik Palmgren. The spirit of importance was imparted to all of us, to go out and educate everyone as to the reality…yes the reality, of what is going on, and how important it is that we all come together to work towards change.
Round Table Day Two
Round Table Night Two
As all attendees to this year's conference agree, this was the best one in year's! As it was my first official conference, all I can say is that I can't wait for the next one.
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