Serenity – One of the Beautiful Jewels of Wisdom – by James Allen



Narrated and Produced by Scott Teeters, Host of FarOutRadio. This excerpt is from James Allen’s classic inspirational book, “As A Man Thinketh.” It is the final chapter of the book. Enjoy and share.

"Calmness, of mind, is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. It is the result of long and patient effort in self-control. Its presence is an indication of a ripened experience, and of a more than ordinary knowledge of the laws and operations of thought.

The strong and calm person is always loved and revered. They are like shade giving trees in a thirsty land, a sheltering rock in a storm.   Who does not love a tranquil heart, a sweet tempered, balanced life? It does not matter whether it rains or shines, or what changes come to those possessing these blessings, for they are always sweet, serene, and calm. 
That exquisite poise of character, which we call serenity, is the last lesson of culture; it is the flowering and fruitage of the soul. It is as precious as wisdom and more to be desired than gold – yes…even fine gold. 

How insignificant mere money making looks in comparison to a serene life – a life that dwells in the ocean of Truth, beneath the waves, beyond the tempests, in the Eternal Calm.

How many people do we know who sour their lives, who ruin all that is sweet and beautiful by explosive tempers, who destroy their poise of character, and make bad blood! 

It is a question whether the great majority of people, do not ruin their lives, and mar their happiness, by a lack of self-control. How few people we meet in life who are well balanced, who have that exquisite poise which is characteristic of the finished character!

Yes, humanity surges with uncontrolled passion, is tumultuous with ungoverned grief, is blown about by anxiety and doubt. Only the wise ones, whose thoughts are controlled and purified, make the winds and storms of the soul obey them.

In the ship of your soul, reclines the commanding Master. He does but sleep; wake Him!   
Say unto your heart, "Peace, be still.."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"James Allen (28 November 1864 – 24 January 1912) was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement. His best known work, As a Man Thinketh, has been mass-produced since its publication in 1902. It has been a source of inspiration to motivational and self-help authors."

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