Solving The UFO Enigma – What UFO / ET Technology Could Do For Mankind


Robert Schroeder, Solving The UFO Enigma and the Impact of UFO Technology on the Human Race

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Bob-Schroeder-Pt4-FB-72Bob Schroeder is making his fourth appearance with us on our show. You can catch his previous visits by typing “Bob Schroeder” into the Search box at the top of the right sidebar.

So far, we have covered how Bob became interested in UFOs after his own sighting as a young teenager, his long career in science and aerospace engineering, the likely physics that explains how UFOs obviously defy the “known” Laws of Physics. We also covered the Large Hadron Collider and what can be learned from the experimentals being worked on now, and some of the more interesting and unusual documented UFO accounts from recent and distant past history.


nazi-saucer pic from movie iron skyBased on Bob Schroeder’s scientific and mathematical understanding, it is his assertion that the leading scientists of today are very, VERY close to solving the UFO enigma, learning how UFOs do what they do – ie, figuring out how to build our own UFO-like machines.

The next obvious question is, so what could/would we be able to do with such technology? What would this mean for Mankind? What would be the impact of being able to transport people and goods at now, unimaginable speeds? Imagine being able to traverse from the east to the west coast of America in 15 minutes. Or to the Moon in 15 hours. How about to the edge of the solar system in less than a day? Where could a one year mission take us traveling, say 5-1/2 months, with a one month visit, then 5-1/2 months back?

Could this technology be the invitation card to the Intergalactic Federation? Are we mature enough to handle advanced sentient beings that most likely will be VERY different from us?

For this writer and host, the final question is this. Will we have the wisdom to be able to do this peacefully?

Thinking caps REQUIRED!

“Solving The UFO Enigma”  the book is available HERE.

“The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – The Big Bang Experiment” BBC Program. (VERY entertaining!)

Enjoy the YouTube Version of Bob Shroeder's first interview with us.


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How the Large hadron Collider bends Physics. HERE.

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