Soul Partners, Mark, “Dr. Dream” Peebler and Laura Eisenhower


Dr Dream and Laura EisenhowerFarOutRadio Program.  Listen Live HERE. What motivates a couple to work so diligently toward the same metaphysical  goals?  FarOutRadio interviews an amazing soul couple to explore this unique concept.

Soul partners Laura Eisenhower and Mark, “Dr Dream” Peebler discuss their mutual goal of teaching transformation and their empowering partnership as they travel to share their message of change and human potential.


Laura Eisenhower is the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is a Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist, Ascension Guide on a mission to reveal our connection with the 'Magdalene' and 'Gaia-Sophia' energies of love. Her goal is to liberate us from the Military Industrial Complex, the false power structures.

She offers workshops on and speaks internationally on topics such as Global Alchemy, Christ-Sophia, Sacred Union, ET races, Esoteric Cosmology, the Positive Time-line with the intent to empower the individual so that harmony can be restored. She also covers hidden agendas connected to ET races and the exile of the Divine Feminine energies.


As an entrepreneur, humanitarian and international speaker, Mark “Dr.DREAM” Peebler, has over 20 years experience guiding, mentoring and empowering students, organizations, and corporations in building, reaching and sustaining their full potential.

Mark's program, Dream the Biggest DREAM, supports each individual's efforts to manifest the life of their dreams. In addition to his speaking engagements and his work as a Talk Therapy Empowerment Coach, Dr. DREAM is accomplished in healing work with Rife Frequencies, Guided Visualizations, Crystal Therapy, Essential Oils and Flower Essences. He is also a Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister.

Join us for an insightful and informative discussion.

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