Spaceship Moon-The Moon’s True Function by Scott Teeters

A Notion About the Moon’s True Function
by Scott Teeters
, Host of FarOutRadio

moon in skyThe Moon – The Greatest UFO?

That’s the title of the first chapter in Jim Marrs 1997 book, “Alien Agenda.” While many can speculate as to the reality of UFOs, aka “flying saucers” if you want to see a true Unidentified Flying Object, look up in the night sky at the biggest, brightest, closest object in the sky, the Moon. While we can parse words and say, “The Moon is identified, it’s THE MOON!” we really don’t know what the heck it is.

The Moon has a shopping list of odd behaviors and coincidences. Some Christians like to say that many of these oddities are proof that God put it there for our benefit. Since the Earth’s tides and movement of water would not be possible, or at least be very different if there was no Moon, the “God put it there” argument kind’a, sort'a makes sense.

But then again, if God created the all of everything in the Universe, and given the number of possibilities of the Universe teeming with Life, it is also entirely possible that beings living somewhere else or even in a different vibrational dimension, could very well know how to move planetary bodies around in order to create things that we can only imagine.

No, to appreciate the grandeur of cosmic possibilities, we need only look at our closest heavenly body, the Moon.

Occam's Razor is a line of reasoning that says that the simplest answer is often correct.

Okay. The Moon creates tides, which essentially sloshes the water on the planet around that then creates winds, seasons, etc. A whole series of weather related events sets the forces of Nature to work, caused by the flowing of water. Without the Moon, there probably wouldn’t life as we know it here. Think of what a stagnant pond looks like.

So, the Moon’s purpose could be that of a planetary teraforming machine that helps set in motion microbial life and a place where all kinds of things can happen that keeps the whole enterprise in motion.

It’s like stirring the kettle of water so that everything keeps evenly cooking.

Our ET keepers keep coming back to check in on what’s going on. That’s why there are all the ancient references to the ETs. Yet, they seem to be, for the most mart, hands off. Clearly, they have their own agenda and aren’t terribly interested in our little problems. If they had human-like, malevolent intensions, we’d have been squashed long ago.

For me, the oddest aspect of the Moon is it’s unique rotation. Almost everything in the cosmos rotates – the Sun, the Earth, planets, galaxies, etc. The Moon also rotates around Earth, but it a highly unusual way. The bright side of the Moon has been locked in position for as long as people remember looking at the Moon. Until humans created rockets to fly around to the dark side of the Moon, we didn’t have a clue what was back there. Zero!

This positioning of the Moon as it orbits the Earth is very suspicious, as if there is something in or on the Moon that keeps it locked in place so that the dark side NEVER is seen from our vantage point.

VERY odd!

Back in the mid ‘70s there was a science fiction TV series called, “Space 1999” about a group of scientists living on a Moon base in the futuristic year, 1999. A major explosion blew out the side of the Moon and jolted the Moon out of its Earth orbit, sending it on its own unique path away from Earth. As sci-fi TV shows of the day, it was a lot of fun. But one aspect of the story was never addressed, as I recall. What kind of havoc did this calamity impose on the people of the Earth? Try to imagine the planet WITHOUT the affects of lunar tides.

Now there’s a dystopian thought if there ever was one.

But back to Occam's Razor. I’m sure that the Moon has other functions, but it seems obvious to me that no Moon, no Life here. Just a thought. – Scott

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