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6/12/14 Did Extraterrestrial Gods Play a Part in our Evolution? Alex Teplish


alex teplishGraphic Novel Author
and Ancient Astronaut Researcher

Alex Teplish

What if Ancient Astronauts/Gods visited Earth thousands of years ago?
What does that mean about our DNA and our relationship to these “gods”? Will they return or are they still here?

Alex Teplish returns to FarOutRadio with Scott Teeters this program.  Alex is the creator and author of a very popular Science Fiction Graphic Novel “In the Beginning, The Epic of the Anunnaki”.

In The Beginning Book Cover

Just after World War II ended, the emphasis was getting the world back to normal. The sense of relief was so extreme that hardly anyone paid attention to what may well be the most important archeological discovery of the last two millennia – the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946. The scrolls are important because modern scholars were able to read the writings directly – not edited commentary “about” ancient scrolls. These were the cleanest accounts of ancient times. Once translated, the story contained in them revelations about our beginnings (astronauts/gods from outer space) that were almost too much for most to believe.

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