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Skynet- Destructive Artificial Intelligence in Terminator, Here Now?


SKYNET is Real!

by Xaviant Haze as republished from Xaviant's Blog
The rise of the robot in the 21st century can be directly related with the rise of drone technologies perfected by the United States Military. Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) have unexpectedly become popular in the mainstream media mostly due to conspiracy theories and Kentucky senator Rand Paul’s epic13 hour filibuster before congress. Senator Paul schooled the congressional committee on how drones are currently being used to kill innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan and how the use of drones over American skies could potentially be used from everything to unwarranted spying to capturing and killing terrorist and criminals. Drones for spying and warfare can come as small as mosquitos, and these drones can do everything from record conversations to emitting deadly bio-chemical weapons. The uses of drones have grown so much that they comprise over 30% of all US Military aircraft. But the real dangers of drones are the warning signs they signal for the eventual steps towards the A.I. becoming aware. 

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