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Prehistoric Clues Offer Answers to Modern Day Bee Die-Off?


beeby FarOutRadio Featured Columnist Heather Callaghan.  And owner of Natural Blaze – republished from Natural Blaze. A first-grade field trip to one of the top-ten U.S. zoos led us to a prehistoric bee display. It was much bigger than my little fist. It was like a radish on top of turnip but dark brown with faded yellow stripes and fuzzy tarantula legs. It was so horrifying to think of encountering a giant killer bee with a 4-inch stinger during the time that dinosaurs roamed. What a first-grader wouldn't realize is that the display would have been a model, as there is a poor fossil record for bees, making it difficult to pin down the wipe-out of their ancestors.

What happened to those guys?

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