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2.7.13 Eric Spinner, Independent Bigfoot Researcher, Shares his Expeditions


Close Encounters with the "SHY" Woodlands Creature also known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

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Spinner-FB-Bigfoot-72Our guest is Eric Spinner, owner of Health Haven II Health Food store in Medford, New Jersey and certified nutritionist.


Sometimes Life dishes us neat little surprises!

I had known Eric Spinner for almost 20 years before I learned that he has had a long term interest in Bigfoot and is a serious independent Bigfoot researcher.

Eric has participated in several Bigfoot expeditions and has had a few “close encounters” with what he affectionately calls, “the shy woodlands creature.”

Eric shares with us how he got interested in Bigfoot, his experiences on expeditions, his own close encounter in the Pines of New Jersey, and his ideas about who and what this fascinating creature might be.

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