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10/15/14 Al Satterwhite’s Latest Photo Journalism book, “Muhammad Ali – The Comeback”


Muhammad-Ali-1ANow on YouTube. Al Satterwhite’s soon to be self-published photo journalism book, Muhammad Ali – The Comeback”, Al’s photographic documentation of the great fighter is up for discussion this program. Muhammad Ali,"The Greatest" is documented by the man with the photographic eye, Al Satterwhite.

Al Satterwhite is back with us this evening. He is a master photographer and was with us a while ago to talk with us about his then-new photography art book “Hunter S. Thompson, The Cozumel Diary.” Al’s master files of negatives are a virtual treasure trove of our times. Since then, Al has found a bundle of gems that he’s making into another special, limited edition photography art book.

The subject is, the one and only, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali.

Al has a Kickstarter project going to fund the book and you can see the promo video for the project by doing a Google search for “Al Satterwhite Ali” and the link should be at the top of the search results.

The book’s title is, “Muhammad Ali – The Comeback and will feature Al’s rarely seen photos of Muhammad Ali, in his prime, as he was training in Miami Beach at the famous 5th Street Gym in the early 70s. Of course, Kick Starter is an online funding system, and if you would like to help Al with his project, you can do so on the Kick Starter page.

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