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4.18.2013 Carlisle Events for 2013 – Car Show Review April-October


Archived Show – Listen FREE, CLICK HERE.

carlisle events graphicIt’s a Thursday Night Car Show at Far Out Radio! Our guest is Lance Miller, co-owner of Carlisle events, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Located in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania’s “Pennsylvania Dutch Country,” the 82-acre facility has been in business since 1981 and now hosts 13 car show events from April through October.

Lance Miller, the son of Carlisle Events co-founder, Chip Miller (Bill Miller is the other co-founder and owner – no relation to Lance), will be with us to talk about the upcoming fun car show events for 2013. The company holds an event about every other weekend.

Carlisle Events is best known for their three-day, annual Corvettes at Carlisle Show in late August that finishes off with a parade through downtown Carlisle, PA. Carlisle Events attract vehicle lovers from all over the country and has themed car shows for just about everyone’s taste in automobiles!  Carlisle Events, the vast fariground, is a place where fans can enjoy their favorite vehicles, buy parts, and sometimes, even complete cars!

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