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Bob Frissell & The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life, Pt. 2


Group Consciousness & The Procession of the Equinoxes

Our metaphysical pal, Bob Frissell is back for another installment of our ongoing converastion about The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life."

If you enjoy mind-bending, head scratching things to think about, ponder, and consider, the arena of metaphysics can really take you to some strange places. When Bob was last with us on February 12, 2016, we were talking about Life before and after enlightenment, and the slippery nature of Time as the foundation of our experience of Life.

Not only do our lives reflect our decisions, but we are part of a much longer story that stretches out way, way beyond the span of our individual lives. And just like our lives seems to have cycles, so does the Cosmos. Continue reading


The BIG SCREEN metaphysical Picture of Life, Bob Frissell


What is the big screen view of what we are doing here and the purpose of Life.

There is an expression int the metaphysical community concerning, what Life is like BEFORE and AFTER Enlightenment. The saying goes…

Before enlightenment, there is chopping wood and carrying water.
And after enlightenment, there is chopping wood and carrying water.

What are we to make of that statement? Even if your guardian angle, or guru, or, even Jesus was to give you "THE SECRET TO LIFE" and you BLISSED out for the evening, tomorrow would be another day. Then what?

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