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A Far Out Talk With Author, Researcher & Spiritual Seeker Bob Frissell


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FB-Frissell-72The world is a mysterious and far out place.  Our guest this evening is author, researcher, teacher, and spiritual seeker, Bob Frissell. I tuned into Bob in 1996 when I discovered his stunning book, “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are.” It is a rare thing when you find a book that you simply can not put down. That was my experience reading “Nothing In This Book Is True” and Bob’s follow-up book, “Something In This Book Is True…”

Frissell pulls together the elements of ancient history, who created us (humans), UFOs, the Merkaba, the Melchizedeks, the secret government, the Hall of Records, Rebirthing, our Light Body, the Great Pyramid, the Lucifer Rebellion, the Anunnaki/Nefilim, and many other wild, FAR OUT facets of the longer picture of Life on Planet Earth. It is far, FAR more wondrous, amazing, and mind blowing than we realize.

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