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6/20/14 Photos Reveal NASA’s Secret Space Program? – Robert Morningstar


***Archived/Recorded. Listen Here***

Robert Morningstar.Guest: Robert Morningstar – Website: http://www.UFODigest.com Topic: Robert will be one of 10 guest presenters at the Secret Space Program event in San Mateo, California, June 28 and 29. Here’s the website…http://www.SecretSpaceProgram.org . Robert walked us through a few of the UFO images he discovered. Two images are from the Apollo 16 Moon Mission Onboard Camera Full video on YouTube… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YB3JZzSE3Y To follow along with our conversation, check out the photos at the bottom of this post. The last two photos are from the above YouTube video at the 1:50:50 mark! 

He addresses how a Breakaway Civilization requires of US a “Breakaway Level of Consciousness”. Can we make our minds break away today? Can our conscious minds make the leap, jump the hurdle over (en)forced skepticism and make a Quantum Leap of Consciousness? Can our minds come to accept what our eyes reveal? This is just a small review/hint of his presentation at The Secret Space Program Breakaway Civilization at Redwood Exhibition Hall , held June 28-29 in San Mateao, Ca. More info here => Robert Morningstar-Secret Space Program Presentation. Robert also discusses The Dyatlov Pass UFO Incident  for our listeners. Do no miss this one!

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