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7/9/14 Pt 2 Mystery of Coral Castle’s Ed Leedskalnin-Secrets of the Ancients?


coral castle 2Coral Castle Researcher and Author, Joe Bullard  (Part 2) joins FarOutRadio with Scott Teeters again this program to delve deeper into the mystery of the building of Coral Castle in Florida.

Guest: Joe Bullard – Author of “Waiting For Agnes.” Website – http://www.WaitingForAgnes.net

Topic: Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle, in Miami, Florida. Joe Bullard made a return visit to share with us more of the Coral Castle story. The device that Leedskalnin used can be seen today, in place at the Castle, but is not functional. The Coral Castle story isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. No, Leedskalnin was so “on to something” that late one night thugs gave him a serious beating to “convince” him that he needed to abandon his pursuit of a U.S. Patent for his magnetic device. So, Ed just moved all of his stones 10 miles away from the very rural Florida City to its current, more populated location near Miami.

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