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Secret To Einstein’s Genius? Well-Connected Brain Hemispheres


einsteins brainThe Secret To Einstein’s Genius? Brain Study Notes Unusually Well-Connected Hemispheres. by   republished from Singularity Hub.com.  We now know that Albert Einstein, one of history’s greatest physicists, had an unusually well-connected brain. The new insight was gleaned from a recently discovered set of 14 photographs of Einstein’s brain taken just after his autopsy.

Scientists from East China Normal University requested two photographs of the left and right medial surfaces of the brain. (Imagine slicing the brain from top to bottom, along a line that would bisect the face, and opening the two halves.)

The corpus callosum, a thick bundle of nerves connecting the brain’s two hemispheres, was clearly visible in the photographs, and using a new technique, the team measured its thickness. They found Einstein’s corpus callosum was thicker than a group of 15 elderly men and 52 men the same age as Einstein during his famous “Miracle Year” in 1905. The relatively greater thickness of the corpus callosum implies more nerves and, therefore, greater connectivity.

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