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7/23/14 Mike King – Genocides No One is Talking About on Mainstream News


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war in gazaGenocides no one is talking about on mainstream media!!!! Independent and alternative historian, Mike King (Michael S King), is Scott’s returning guest this program on Far Out Radio.

Why is the American main stream media skewing the coverage of the all-out attack on Palestinian civilians living in the boxed in Gaza Strip, as well as the Eastern Ukraine civilians under bombardment by the new Ukrainian government?

The governments of Israel and Ukraine are using illegal weapons on the general populations of Gaza and East Ukraine. The American media distorts any resistance by Palestinians and East Ukrainians, labeling those fighting against blatant oppression as, “terrorists,” “militants,” and “separatists.” Meanwhile, American mainstream reporters that honestly report the truth and do not tow the official government line, are FIRED.

Is this how a “fair and balanced” media serves the people? Is this real journalism, or just the noise coming from “The Ministry of Truth,” to use an expression from George Orwell’s book, “1984.”

Is this not PROOF that the American media is indeed the unofficial “4th Branch of Government”? This branch governs how we think and what we are told to believe.

Guest Mike King discusses these and other aspects of the two genocides that are playing out as we speak, genocides and the uncomfortable, shocking  details the American media doesn’t want to talk about.

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