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R.I.P. Edson Hendricks May 22, 1945 – August 29, 2020


The Father of the Internet

Dateline: 10-4-20 – It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the passing of our friend, Edson Hendricks. Edson died on August 29th, 2020 after a long illness. The amazing medium we are using right now had the most unusual beginning starting with a computer game called “Starwar”, created by young Edson Hendricks.

Edson Hendricks landed a position as a computer operator on an IBM System/360 Model 65 computer. With a 2250 video display, Hendricks created a computer game to teach himself how to program the machine. “Starwar” was the first computer video game to run on an IBM machine.

Hendricks went on to work on the team to develop the world’s first virtual machine operating system, CP/CMS. The founder and manager of IBM’s Cambridge Scientific Center, Norman Rasmussen asked Hendricks to find a way for the CSC machine to talk to IBM’s other computers at other Scientific Centers.

This was the beginning of computers doing what they are doing right now; talking with other computers, and Edson Hendricks was there.

At the ground level, you could say that Edson Hendricks was the “Father of the Internet”. Yes, people such as Arthur C. Clark and other futurists could “see” that “one day…”, but Edson figured out HOW to actually do it.

Leanne Jones and Edson were very good friends and Leanne is the author of Edson Hendricks life story, titled, “It’s Cool to Be Clever: The Story of Edson C. Hendricks, the Genius Who Invented the Design for the Internet, and is available HERE. The book is a delight to read and the illustrations by Anna Mah are sweet. Continue reading


Muhammad Ali,, The Champ, The GREATEST, is gone and we are left with our memories and this amazing man


Al Satterwhite is back with us this evening.

Dateline: 6.7.16 Al is a master photographer and was with us last year to talk with us about his then-new photography art book titled, “Hunter S. Thompson, The Cozumel Diary.” Al’s master files of negatives are a virtual treasure trove of our times. He’s photographed SO MANY interesting people.

Since Al’s last visit, he’s found a bundle of gems that he’s making into another special, limited edition photography art book.
The subject is, the one and only, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. So, for our younger listeners, you might be wondering, why was Muhammad Ali so important that a special limited edition book would be produced?

I was only 10 years old in 1964 when a young, brash, 1960 Olympic Gold Medal winner for boxing, named Cassius Clay, won the World Heavyweight Championship against ALL ODDS, defeating Sonny Liston (a frightfully tough boxer with the nickname, The Brown Bear)
It was stunning!

Cassius Clay had electrified professional heavyweight boxing like no one before or since. He was like the Elvis Presley of boxing – a man with genuine charisma. Continue reading


By The Pool – Mood Music by Jingle Punks – Far Out Radio Music Video


More Far Out Radio Mood Music – "By the Pool" by Jingle Punks!

After several years of inquiries about the music I use on my Far Out Radio program, I decided to make videos of the music we use from the YouTube library of ROYALITY-FREE music.

YouTube wants us to make videos, but Copyright infringement is an issue, so they make it easy for us. To access their Library of free music

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Bob Frissell & The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life, Pt. 2


Group Consciousness & The Procession of the Equinoxes

Our metaphysical pal, Bob Frissell is back for another installment of our ongoing converastion about The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life."

If you enjoy mind-bending, head scratching things to think about, ponder, and consider, the arena of metaphysics can really take you to some strange places. When Bob was last with us on February 12, 2016, we were talking about Life before and after enlightenment, and the slippery nature of Time as the foundation of our experience of Life.

Not only do our lives reflect our decisions, but we are part of a much longer story that stretches out way, way beyond the span of our individual lives. And just like our lives seems to have cycles, so does the Cosmos. Continue reading


Heather Callaghan, Health Trends of 2015


Heather Callaghan's passion is for natural health and wellness.

Her website, NaturalBlaze.com is warehouse of health and wellness news and information, not found in the mainstream media. Every day her newsletter delivers a fascinating assortment of information that you can use to feel better and have more vitality of life.

Thanks for watching! – Scott

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