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Muhammad Ali,, The Champ, The GREATEST, is gone and we are left with our memories and this amazing man


Al Satterwhite is back with us this evening.

Dateline: 6.7.16 Al is a master photographer and was with us last year to talk with us about his then-new photography art book titled, “Hunter S. Thompson, The Cozumel Diary.” Al’s master files of negatives are a virtual treasure trove of our times. He’s photographed SO MANY interesting people.

Since Al’s last visit, he’s found a bundle of gems that he’s making into another special, limited edition photography art book.
The subject is, the one and only, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. So, for our younger listeners, you might be wondering, why was Muhammad Ali so important that a special limited edition book would be produced?

I was only 10 years old in 1964 when a young, brash, 1960 Olympic Gold Medal winner for boxing, named Cassius Clay, won the World Heavyweight Championship against ALL ODDS, defeating Sonny Liston (a frightfully tough boxer with the nickname, The Brown Bear)
It was stunning!

Cassius Clay had electrified professional heavyweight boxing like no one before or since. He was like the Elvis Presley of boxing – a man with genuine charisma. Continue reading


2.11.13 How To Respond To An Anti-Conspiracy Theorist, a talk with Mike King


When it comes to what mainstream media feeds us, we are supposed to accept what we’re told, don’t think, don’t question, and just believe—OR NOT.

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Mike-King-FB-72Our guest is independent historian Mike King, owner of the very informative and thought provoking website, TomatoBubble.com. Mike has a passion for history, but he learned a long time ago that “history is written by the victors.” Being an independent historian is NOT an easy task. One has to be willing to look for alternative sources, read a lot of material, discern, and draw your own conclusions – even though that may be difficult.

Along the way, one is likely to come across a lot of material that flies in the face of conventional knowledge. A common experience for independent researchers and thinkers is dealing with the inevitable, knee-jerk reaction by many, that boils down to some version of, “Oh, that’s just CONSPIRACY THEORY.”

This has become the popular response of our time to anything that’s outside the parameters of the media’s “official government sources have indicated that…” story line of reality we’re all supposed to accept. Even though the official stories often change and contradict each another, as we saw during the Sandy Hook shootings last December, we’re supposed to just accept what we’re told, don’t think, don’t question, and just believe.

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