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Did Powerful Few Steal Tesla’s Amazing Discoveries?


The Electric Genius that was Nikola Tesla by Tim Swartz

tesla bookWho is Nikola Tesla? This is what I have heard repeatedly from people when they ask me what my Tesla book is about. It is amazing to me that many people still have never heard of the man who is responsible for much of the modern electrical technology that we take for granted today.

Part of the problem is that the contributions of Nikola Tesla are simply not being taught in schools. Instead, school text books sing the praises of Tesla's rival, Thomas Alva Edison, while overlooking what Tesla managed to accomplish. Worse yet, many children have been taught that Edison was responsible for technological development that was actually invented by Tesla.

If you visit the Smithsonian, next to Edison's bust you will see Tesla's invention that revolutionized the world – a drawing of Tesla's rotating magnetic field device, giving us polyphase AC and the AC motor.

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