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Red Haired Giants & Other High Strangeness in Wisconsin, Mary Sutherland


How "strange" is Wisconsin? Strange! VERY Strange!

We have a new guest for you this evening. Mary Sutherland is the author of the book, "Red Haired Giants" and researcher of all things strange and unusual in the Wisconsin area. It turns out that there's a lot more going on in Wisconsin than just the Green Bay Packers!

Wisconsin's got it all – UFOs, Bigfoot, Mothman, Dogman, ghosts, the Djinn (as in, Genies and their flying carpets), and Native American legends and myths that go all the way back to the time of Atlantis, and then some. If you have a passion for high strangeness, perhaps Wisconsin is the place for you!

"Giants" have been relegated to the topics of children's books, but this was not always so. Mary has researched (using an old fashioned public library!) old newspaper reports, some of which date back to the 1840s!

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3.20.2013 Tim Swartz, Investigative Journalist Talks Time Slips-Science or Science Fiction?


Tim Swartz on The High Strangeness of “Time Slips”

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Tim-Swartz-FB-72Our guest is writer and researcher, Tim Swartz. Tim is one of our regular guests because he’s into “far out” things like we are. You can catch Tim’s previous visits by using the search box at the top of the right side bar.

We chat about some of the material from Tim’s book, “Time Travel – Fact Not Fiction: Time Slips, Real Time Machines, And How-To Experiments To Go Forwards Or Backwards Through Time” available, HERE.

Tim SwartzTim will be back with us in April and we’ll probably pick up this evening’s conversation because it takes so much time to cover the material. (bad joke there, I know!) This show we focus on the very strange phenomena of “Time Slips.” This is the very unusual and odd experience of suddenly finding one’s self in a completely DIFFERENT era of time. The “place” is the same, but the “time” is different!

Usually, these experiences are happenstance. Sometimes the shift in time is only a few decades and other times it is centuries! But some researchers have been able to deliberately induce the experience through the use of “psychometry,” (wikipedia definition click here) — the sensing of energy held within objects.

Time Slips are also closely related to the appearance of ghosts. The experience of Time Slips can be very disturbing for people and something they never forget. And least you think that these experiences are simply private imaginations. Time Slips have sometimes been experienced by TWO people at the same time!

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