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2.12.13 Dr. Bob Burg and the Lazyman’s Guide to Health


Dr. Bob Burg, Holistic Health Coach, GUIDES you through his Lazyman's Guide to Get and Stay Healthy.

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Bob-Burg-2-FB-72The Lazy Man’s Guide To Health and Well Being – ContinuedDr. Bob Burg is with us for another installment of his “Lazy Man's Guide to Health and Well-being.

Or, “Getting healthy does doesn’t need to be so darn hard!”

Dr. Bob has a lightweight, flowing, easy perspective on how to maintain health and balance, so that one simply doesn’t “get sick.” And if symptoms do arise and get our attention, he explains how to gently and naturally remedy the situation.

For over 30 years, Dr. Bob Burg has been a non-medical holistic doctor, specializing in manual joint and spinal soft tissue therapy known as “Naprapathy” which  he integrates with multiple body work approaches and calls LiquidBodyTherapy

His lifetime interest in personal growth and holistic studies are always evolving. As a result, you will benefit as Dr. Bob shares more of his amazingly simple and practical “Lazy Man's Guide to Health and Well-being” concepts.

Dr. Bob explains, “I tell my clients that getting healthy can be fun with little, easy to accomplish steps everyday. Good health is a choice you make in this moment”

naprapathy2Dr. Bob is a holistic workshop leader and facilitator, health and personal life coach, and was recently a Holistic Health Studies Adjunct Professor at Drexel University.

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