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Phony, Lefty, Liberal, Lemmings! “LOVE TRUMPS HATE!” REALLY???


The rabid, Lefty Liberal Lemmings snowflakes are nothing but a bunch of non-thinking, hate-filled phonies!

Here’s why:

This is the same crowd that needed their “Safe Zones” with trauma counselors, cookies, hot cocoa, petting kittens and puppies, coloring books, aroma therapy and other “comfort tools.”. Now, they have a “cause,” something to focus their angst upon – President Trump, anyone connected with his administration, and his supporters.

They rally and protest, which is their right to do. Their main mantra (mantras are designed to put you into a linguistic trance) is “LOVE TRUMPS HATE.” (“Trumps” being a verb) That’s their moral high ground. The mantra is in the family of Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Obama’s, “When they go low, we go high!” Another load of BULLIX.

Here’s why they are PHONIES.

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