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Dr. Liz Severino on the Amazing Power of Prayer


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FB-Severino-Prayer-72Our Friend and FarOutRadio Regular Guest, Dr. Liz Severino is a gifted holistic practitioner and spiritual teacher.  Dr. Liz’s degree is in Divinity, perfect for connecting to the divine for the spiritual, energy and prayer work she performs for her clients.  Dr. Liz consults with people from around the globe on matters of health, spirituality, life goals, and challenges, and she is also a well known animal communicator.

Dr. Liz Severino's Doctorate is in … Healing through Prayer and Touch, both Academic (meaning she has studied prayer and healing touch across a great deal of wisdom literature as well as indigenous cultures) AND Practicum (meaning she has had to demonstrate it). 

Schooled in multiple esoteric healing and energy arts, Liz uses her own unique blend of modalities based on the needs of any given situation. Her toolbox includes; Reiki, Biofeedback, Essential Oils, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong Breathwork, Yoga, prayer and many others. Dr. Liz is a “collector” of modalities that get results.

This program Dr. Liz Severino discusses the power of prayer, prayer in many cultures, prayer in your personal life and the healing power of prayer.

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