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Tim Swartz – Is Morgellons Disease An Alien ET Virus?


Morgellons Disease – One of the CREEPIEST conditions of our time.

Listen Here. Our resident expert of high-strangenes, Tim Swartz is back with us this evening. We ALWAYS enjoy mind-melding with Tim because if there’s something strange & unusual, bizarre, over-the-top, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, inner-dimensional, from the past, present & future, in all dimensions across space and time, in galaxies far, far away… he’s INTO IT!

The last time Tim stopped by for a visit was June 22, 2015 when we talked about Morgellons Disease. Yes, Morgellons is something straight out of a creepy ‘50s sci-fi movie that would be easy to dismiss were it not for the growing number of people that have this, affliction, or I should say more accurately, INFESTATION.

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