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Bigger Than Life Holograms Via Project Blue Beam, Elvis, Jimmy Carter & Lincoln, Mary Joyce


Can we really trust anything we "see" today? Anything and everything could be a hologram!

Dateline: 3-4-16: Mary Joyce is back with us this evening. Mary's website, SkyShipsOverCashiers.com dishes up all sorts of interesting UFO and other “strange” things.

A few weeks ago, one of Mary's posts particularly got my attention. The title is, “Elvis Hologram – glimpse of what government might do.” In 2007, singer Celine Dion sang a duet with a life-size hologram of Elvis that was created using footage from the ending of his 1968 Comeback Special where he sang the song, “If I Can Dream.”

Holograms for entertainment purposes can be awesome. But WHAT ELSE could holograms be used for? Yes, we're talking about NASA's Project Blue Beam. Continue reading